Wednesday, May 18, 2005

5/18 - Mets 10, Reds 6

The sweep was completed today in a game that wasn't even as close as the score above indicates. (Manny Aybar came in for mop-up duty in the 9th and gave up three runs. He should be buried even further in the bullpen--how about as far back as Babylon?) The Reds were horrible in the field, and the Mets took advantage. Tom Glavine was okay on the mound, and Mike Cameron continued his hot play. Most important of all, Mike Piazza went 4-for4, which is hopefully a sign of even better things to come.

But the best part of the day game was listing to Fran Healy talk about Dae Sung Koo. My co-worker Doug pointed out the fact that Healy calls Koo "Mister Koo" every single time he talks about the Korean reliever. Today at my office we cranked up the volume when Koo entered the game, and counted Healy exclaiming "Mister Koo" six times in just two batters the pitcher faced. Incredible. As another co-worker said, "We gotta start doing shots to this." So next week when the Mets are once again on MSG, I think that will be a fine early week drinking game.

And a note to my colleague Mike, responding his earlier entry from today: With the advent of this this thing we call "the Internet," it's rather easy to translate the Japanese paragraph in the 5/17 entry. Heck, I provided a link to the translator. You know, sometimes being a baseball fan does take a little bit of work. Well, except tomorrow requires no writing work with a day off. I do plan to spend that time praying that Pedro's sore hip only pushes him back to Sunday, not to the D.L.

Here come the Yanks...

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