Thursday, May 12, 2005

Painful Flashbacks and Rumored Assasins

The past two nights felt like trips back to New York baseball circa 2001-2004 with the Mets blowing games they should win and the Yankees coming back to crush another sacrificial lamb up in the Bronx. Very unpleasant stuff. Let's hope a day of regrouping helps because the Cardinals are coming to town and they are hot. While I was on the phone with my brother last night I caught a bit of the Red Birds' comeback against the Dodgers. I still can't believe that line up dropped four straight in the Series last fall.

Has anyone else heard the rumor that Wilpon and Steinbrenner are going 50/50 on a hit man to take out their overpriced dead weight (Glavine and Giambi, respectively), or is that just me?

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