Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: David's Numbers...

...might have dropped even further last night (he's now batting below .300 for the first time since May), but the numbers crunched after midnight at the Zisk Brooklyn office after I attended last night's thriller keep going up. And they look pretty damn good after one of the most exciting games of the season--and perhaps the most exciting game I’ve ever seen in person. (And after seeing four games in six days, I might need a break from the smells of Shea.)

My 2006 record: 5-0

The overall record of my Irish Night ’98 hat: 3-0

Number of 6 run deficits I've seen the Mets overcome: 2

Number of times I’ve donned a rally cap during a game: 1 (during the 9th inning last night)

Number of players I’ve witnessed hitting HR # 400: 1 (Carlos Delgado)

Number of multiple home run games from Carlos Delgado I’ve seen in the past week: 2

Number of trades I’ve seen announced during a game: 1 (Shawn Green for who?)

Mets wins in a row at home: 9

Amount of days till Tom Glavine returns: 7 to 10

Number of people I now know that were at Game 6 in 1986 after my packed week of games: 2 (My friend Jocelyn and her friend Pam)

Number of games I have been to at Shea that ended with a Mets walkoff hit: 2

Number of times my Ipod has flown out of my pocket while I was jumping up and down celebrating a Mets game winning home run at Shea: 1 (Somehow that precious item didn't break last night when it landed in the row in front of us in the left field mezzanine. Thanks again Alli for picking it up.)

And a final note to Mike's brother Casey--don't give up. As a red Sox fan as well I am beaten, but not totally down and out on the team. There's always a chance the Yanks bullpen will resort to the way it's been the rest of the year, and the Twins or White Sox will kick their asses in the first round of the playoffs. Then we can still ask Yankee fans, "When's the last time your team won a World Series? Six years ago?"


Anonymous said...

i believe six is better than 20

Figgsrock2 said...

That's true, but I wasn't talking the Mets at that moment A.B.